BARRELX removes all barriers to entry and paves the digital road to access, authentication, storage, and insurance.

BARRELX enables everyday consumers and collectors alike to participate in acquiring interests in aging spirits held in barrels through the purchase of a commodity based NFT from leading distilleries and brands. Each NFT corresponds to a serialized barrel, or a portion of a barrel of aging spirits.

Each barrel of aging spirits is uniquely identified and secured in bonded rickhouses, primarily located in the State of Kentucky.

BARRELX is deeply involved in the web3 ecosystem. We have collaborated with respected communities and Frens in the NFT space to utilize their IP on the artwork. These will show up as traits when you buy our NFTs. We have collaborated with artists to make limited edition bottles and labels which will launch later in the roadmap. We know community comes first! We plan to have constant activations in the metaverse and IRL!