BARRELX will absolutely disrupt the spirits industry in a big way.

BARRELX has created the first truly democratized, Web3 based marketplace bringing together consumers and collectors from both the digital and physical communities.

BARRELX is the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs with experience in both the liquor business and barrel trading as well as the marketing and sale of NFT and the development of related technologies.

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Join us as we take our community with us on the BARRELX trail. Check out our roadmap and long term plans as we host IRL events, curate limited edition bottle drops, have top quality aged spirit drops and connect you to Bourbon aficionados around the world!

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Stop 1.
Join BARRELX Discord to get on the trail
Stop 2.
Minting of Genesis Whiskey Barrel NFTs.
Stop 3.
Exclusive bourbon content
Stop 4.
IRL NFT community events (e.g. Art Basel Miami, W3BX Las Vegas)
Stop 5.
Top-shelf partnerships and collaborations
Stop 6.
Opportunities for Genesis NFT holders to come sample their aging bourbon at our Rickhouse in Kentucky
Stop 7.
Opportunities for holders to choose a unique bottle and label for their physical bourbon.
Stop 8.
NFT drops of other aged spirits such as rum and tequila
Stop 9.
Exciting metaverse activations with the chance to interact with some of the leaders in the bourbon space
Stop 10.
A place to stop, reflect, sip on our whiskey and continue building the BARRELX journey together.



Jim Feltman

James “Jim” Feltman is a lifelong collector who got into the NFT space a little over two years ago. Jim has vast experience operating and in some cases owning a wide variety of businesses. Jim has worked for some of the world’s largest business advisory and consulting firms with projects located both within and outside the continental United States. Among Jim’s passions are his Indian motorcycle collection and cooking skills picked up after decades of travel.

Nicole McGraw

Nicole McGraw has an obsession with all things related to art. She has turned her obsession into a career. Nicole founded her first gallery after graduating from SMU. Then, she founded CANVAS Outdoor Museum in 2015 in West Palm Beach, FL featuring the world's top mural artists. Two years ago she learned about NFTs and had a life altering experience. She dove straight into the metaverse, never to return! Today she is the CEO of Jupiter Group, a blockchain company that is a leader in art and technology integration.

Matt Shirah

When Matt is not researching, trading or chasing sports cards, he is busy building one of the ten largest bourbon facilities in the United States, located in Garrard County Kentucky. While his business card says he is a janitor, he is currently majority shareholder and CEO of the 45th largest (and growing) craft brewery in the Country. Matt spends his spare time with his family, usually taking them to MLB, NBA and NFL games, or working with his children on their baseball and softball skills (not that they ever listen to him...ever).

Wade Honeycutt

Wade Honeycutt has been collecting everything from stickers and stamps to coins and even hotel key cards since he was a child. He's currently the CFO for All Nations distillery. Wade has spent his career operating and advising alcoholic beverage brands across the globe, structuring more than $5 billion of debt and equity transactions in the United States, Europe and Asia. He loves back porch conversations accompanied by a few pours of rye.

Jeremy Cloud

Jeremy is an avid bourbon collector and enthusiast after being gifted a bottle of Black Maple Hill 15+ years ago and realizing there was bourbon in the world that you didn’t have to mix with Coke. Since that time, he has amassed hundreds of bottles of bourbon much to his wife’s chagrin. When not cracking an old dusty or new release to share with friends, Jeremy serves as the CEO of a Family Office in Miami Beach, Florida and as a Board Member for All Nations Distillery in Garrard County, Kentucky. In his spare time, he enjoys sitting on a boat, beer in hand, coaching his kids’ various sports and collecting passport stamps.