BARRELX, a newly founded NFT marketplace for barrel aging spirits, is disrupting centuries old practices as it alters the way barrels of aging spirits are accessed, held and traded. A first of its kind marketplace has opened the door to opportunities traditionally, until now, reserved for industry insiders and heavily funded market makers.

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, BARRELX democratizes barrel ownership rights, a commodity associated with historically outsized opportunities and more recently associated with extreme scarcity. BARRELX removes all barriers to entry and paves the digital road to access, authentication, storage and insurance. BARRELX enables everyday consumers and collectors alike to participate in acquiring interests in aging spirits held in barrels through the purchase of commodity based NFTs from leading distilleries and brands.

Each NFT corresponds to a tenth of a barrel of aging spirits. Each barrel of aging spirits is uniquely identified and secured in bonded rickhouses, primarily located in the State of Kentucky.

BARRELX has established a direct marketplace where its NFT holders can acquire (when available), trade, transfer or sell their NFTs.

Once the spirit comes of age, as predetermined by the smart contract, BARRELX NFT holders have the ultimate utility, the option to sell the rights associated with that NFT or redeem it for bottles of the actual spirits from the unique barrel.

NFT holders will also be able to, provided state and international law allows, have their spirits shipped direct to their residence.

BARRELX is currently slated to launch this summer. Look for more opportunities to participate in the bourbon barrel commodity market and claim your place in a virtual market with real scarcity and real utility.


Join us as we take our community with us on the BARRELX trail. Check out our roadmap and long term plans as we host IRL events, curate limited edition bottle drops, have top quality aged spirit drops and connect you to Bourbon aficionados around the world!

Stop 1.
Join BARRELX Discord to get on the trail
Stop 2.
Minting of Genesis Whiskey Barrel NFTs.
Stop 3.
Exclusive bourbon content
Stop 4.
IRL NFT community events (e.g. Art Basel Miami, W3BX Las Vegas)
Stop 5.
Top-shelf partnerships and collaborations
Stop 6.
Opportunities for Genesis NFT holders to come sample their aging Bourbon at our Rickhouse in Kentucky
Stop 7.
Opportunities for holders to choose a unique bottle and label for their physical bourbon.
Stop 8.
NFT drops of other aged spirits such as rum and tequila
Stop 9.
Exciting metaverse activations with the chance to interact with some of the leaders in the bourbon space
Stop 10.
A place to stop, reflect, sip on our whiskey and continue building the BARRELX journey together.


Sell the highest quality spirits represented as NFTs, where the owner can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4-year-old Kentucky Bourbon to buy, sell or trade. Once the liquid reaches 4 years of age collectors can redeem the NFT for the liquid, which will be bottled for pick up and shipping. 

Get this — you will be able to choose a unique bottle and label for your bourbon.  


AND meet us in the metaverse to learn about all things Kentucky Bourbon, AND get recipes from the best-rated bourbon bartenders, AND join our talks on Spaces and in Discord to hear from the most influential people in the bourbon industry.